Emerald Eco JSC needs to recruit:

1. Position: Information Technology Expert

Quantity: 01

Salary: Negotiable 

Workplace: Suoi Dau, Suoi Cat Commune, Cam Lam District, Khanh Hoa Province

Job description:

• Give instruction and training on the establishment of the centralized system of data collection, integration and analysis; build terminal applications on website and smartphones to serve the planting, development and distribution of high-tech agricultural products of the Project;

• Lead the research and development of technologies applied to the Project such as drip irrigation technology, sensor technology, automatic climate control system, internet of things, application of cloud computing in transportation of agricultural products, ... to help agricultural production of the Project save costs, increase productivity, lower prices and improve the quality of agricultural products, protect the environment;
• Advise on solutions to apply smart technology to management for the Board of Directors of the Company;
• Research and propose new inventions in the field of information technology that can increase the adaptability of crops to changes in weather and market.

Requirements for qualifications and experience:

• Over 5 years of experience working in the information technology sector;
• Experience in applying information technology to high-tech agriculture as outlined in the job description;
• Deep understanding of smart technologies in executive management being applied in the world;
• Serious and professional working style.

2. Position:  General Director Assistant 
Quantity: 01
Salary: Negotiable 
Working place: Suoi Dau, Suoi Cat commune, Cam Lam district, Khanh Hoa province
Job description:
• On behalf of the General Director, maintain the execution of all aspects of the Company's operations with the Departments;
• Incorporate and evaluate the performance of the Company, Departments through reports of departments;
• Assist the General Director in building strategic directions for the development of the Company;
• Assist the implementation of the Company's strategies by ensuring that the decisions and instructions of the General Director are informed and strictly executed;
• Assist the General Director to follow up and work with departments in the Company;
• Advise the General Director in the implementation of the Company's development strategies;
• Seek for investors for the Project;
• Directly work and negotiate with foreign employees, foreign experts and suppliers.
Requirements for qualifications and experience:
• Graduated from University, major in Business Administration, Human Resource Management or Psychology…;
• 3 years of experience in the position of Assistant to Director or General Director;
• Ability to build and maintain good relationships with international investors to support the General Director in calling for investment for the Project;
• Proficient in international standard English language to facilitate the negotiation and signing of contracts with foreign investors, experts and suppliers;
• Have a strategic vision, the ability to arrange and organize scientific work.